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Barkell Love

Cheyenne, WY


This page is in love and support of the Barkell family. Right now we want to make sure they are well fed, and we will update this page as needs change. Cheston, Hunter, Rose, and Lion are home! They will be staying with Leona and Chet (Cheston's parents) for the foreseeable future and requested dinners 3 times a week - M/W/F. If you would like to provide a meal please scroll down to the calendar to choose an open day. You can provide a gift certificate, or a home cooked meal - directions are below.

Special Notes

No specific dietary restrictions or allergies. Likes: Almost everything! Dislikes: Nothing to note. ______________________________________________________________________________ Click on "I'LL HELP" to claim a date to bring or buy a meal for the Barkell Family. The option "Drop Off" can be used for those locally who wish to make a meal for the family and deliver to them personally. The option "Order Delivery" can be used if you have purchased an e-gift card for a specific restaurant. You can then add a note to the "Description" tab that a gift card was purchased and the details. If you purchased the gift card through the give in kind website the details of the ecard will go to Leona's email address. If you did not - you can add the card details here for the family to use. The option "Gift Card" will be general delivery services like door dash allowing them to choose from whatever restaurant they wish. Delivered to them.

Care Calendar