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Love for Kensley, Nkenge and DJ 💕

Essex, MD


As some of you know Kensley was diagnosed just before Christmas with a form of pediatric cancer Rhabdomyosarcoma or RMS. While she has a fantastic team of doctors at Children's National Hospital in DC who are ready to begin her treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, we're hoping to share the load of this victorious journey (yes we're claiming the victory already!) with anyone who is willing to support Kensley, her parents and her big brother DJ. As her parents will be traveling back and forth to the hospital in DC from Maryland each week, we thought it might be nice for them to have the occasional meal delivered, gas card or special treat to keep their spirits lifted and to remind them that they have a community of people who love and are praying with them. If this is your first time participating in a meal train, this is just an organized way to make this easy for anyone to help no matter where in the world you are and especially with Covid-19 normal visits and offers to show up to offer in-person support and love makes things a bit more difficult. On behalf of my entire family - God Bless You for sending love their way. Tawana, Sandra, Nathan, April Diane

Special Notes

Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of love this first week. We'll do our best to add updates to Kensley's progress here as well as any help needed. For now, the prayers, the Grub Hub Gift Cards, Groceries and Meal Deliveries have really helped them navigate this first week.

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