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Love for Rebekah and Zach


This page has been started to rally our amazing community to support one of our dearest, Rebekah Schmitt, and her son, Zach. They desperately need our help as Zach has been suffering from tremendous chronic pain and his care will cost the family tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, Rebekah has been at Zach's side through all of this and will need financial support so that she can continue to be where she is needed most, with her son. Please read on for further explanation. Three months ago Zach experienced a minor injury doing a flip. Although he thought he’d just walk it off, he ended up requiring a brace on his knee and crutches for 3-6 weeks. Two weeks into his healing, very painful 20-30 second spasms developed in Zach’s knee. They reoccured every few minutes. This began our current situation, trying to figure out what the spasms were and stop them. Zach’s medical team has exhausted all options and nothing made the slightest difference. In fact, the spasms got longer and closer together. Eventually they became more of a contracture, his whole quad would be rock hard and tense for minutes and then hours at a time, each one extremely painful. Finally, it escalated to the point where each one lasted so long, that there was no break between them… his leg was just constantly in this extremely painful cramped up position. The leg is snapped closed at the knee and goes backwards at the hip. Each time it’s allowed to go into that position, it becomes even more painful. While Zach had been able to get around on crutches, ultimately he has ended up in a wheelchair and has most recently been admitted to the hospital. He has been there the last two+ weeks. Ultimately, the team decided that this situation is beyond their scope and have referred Zach to UCSF Children’s Hospital, where they have a Pediatric Complex Chronic Pain Program. This program comes highly recommended and they are hopeful that it can help him. However, it is an inpatient program and will take time to get him admitted. Zach will be evaluated for qualification on Friday, but it may be some time until a bed is available. Until Zach is admitted to this program, or unless another route is recommended, Rebekah needs to be bedside for her child. They will need a great deal of support from us moving forward, please consider donating to their financial needs or signing up on the care calendar as it comes available.

Special Notes

**Meal sign-ups, coffee drop-offs, and other ways to support Zach and Rebekah will be added to the care calendar as needs arise. Please continue to check the calendar and share this page with our community. Rebekah selflessly does so much for so many people, this is our opportunity to support her and Zach! Thank you SO much.

Care Calendar