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St. Mark's Shower Ministry

Austin, TX


Born out of a desire to provide homeless women in Austin an opportunity to take a warm shower in a safe environment, the Shower Ministry takes care of the need for personal hygiene without the risk of personal possessions being taken. The ministry is operated at the Trinity Center, which is located in the basement of St. David's Episcopal Church. Every Tuesday since its inception in June 2010, volunteers from St. Mark's Episcopal Church arrive at the Trinity Center to secure and prepare the bathrooms for showers. The women are given a towel and washcloth to use and are provided with soap, shampoo, conditioner and clean underwear. Razors, combs, toothbrushes/toothpaste and socks are also provided. There is a shopping table with items they can take with them, such as travel size shampoo conditioner, lotion, hair picks and brushes, and hair doodles. Sometimes we have donated make-up, perfume, backpacks, bags, and jewelry. The neighbors are given 20 minutes to shower. It is our hope that we are empowering these women by demonstrating care and concern for them.

Special Notes

The Shower Ministry is funded through donations and grants. A gift card donation will allow us to buy new panties, bras and shower supplies for the ladies we serve.