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Support Josh's Road to Recovery

Fenton, MI


On February 4th, Josh became very ill due to a case of sepsis while working. but a trip to the hospital revealed a much more complex health battle. Josh is facing sepsis from strep, VRE, staph (all three are severe infection) in the blood, and myxomatous (gelatinous puss)vegetation on the heart valves with new regurgitation and leaking of the mitral and tricuspid valves – this is all linked to the autoimmune disorder pyoderma gangrenosum. He has been in a flair up since june of last year. With 13 years of dedicated service as a mfr through cct paramedic, Josh now needs our support. We are reaching out for financial assistance to cover living expenses for the next month at minimum while he is unable to work, along with mounting medical costs that have already reached $4,000, excluding the hospital stay. Your generosity will make a significant impact on Josh's journey to recovery. Prayers and food donations are also gratefully accepted. Every bit of help counts, and we deeply appreciate your support during this challenging time. Let's rally together and uplift Josh as he navigates through this health crisis. Thank you for being a crucial part of his support system!

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