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Support for Shayla

Portland, OR


Hi everyone! Shayla is saying TA-TA to the tig ol' bitties on Wednesday, January 17th. This has been a long time coming, and we are so damn grateful it's about to be a reality. Juliet suggested we let ourselves be loved on (may they be forever blessed), so here we are offering ourselves the opportunity to be loved on. Options for loving on us during the post op period: -Being the bees knees and picking a meal day/time to make and deliver to our home. -Being a pair of sweet cheeks and getting us a gift card to a place we love/delivery service. Culinary preferences for Shayla and Kori: -Neither Shayla or Kori has dietary restrictions other than the two that are listed below. -Shayla is perfect but hates potatoes (please send thoughts and prayers). -Kori hates tomatoes UNLESS they are in the form of a salsa or sauce (please never make her eat a slice of tomato on a burger). -Kori and Shayla both love Pepinos, Whole Bowl, Kure, Pad Thai Kitchen, Esan Thai, Don Pedro's, Rain or Shine, Henry Higgins, and Muchas Gracias. Thank you in advance. Asking for support feels a little vulnerable, but damn is it a little healing.

Special Notes

Also! - Shayla will accept funny memes, or messages during this recovery time AND they might not respond because healing. Shayla loves video compilations of people falling or anything Kelly Clarkson. - Kori will be working throughout the post op period. During drop-off times, please plan for a quiet delivery unless we have connected about having a little interaction. Please also let Kori know an "ish" time of when you plan on dropping food off (so she can maneuver around her session times). Thank you x infinity.

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