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Supporting Erica Bristow and Family

Pearland, TX


Erica is a single mom of 2 great kiddos Sunshine and Ocean. Over a month ago she had covid, she couldn't seem to get back to 100% after. As a single mom with no family in the area, she felt like she had to just keep trucking along at life. Putting her kids before her health landed her in the hospital 2 different times, the second being an extended stay. During the second stay, she learned than family doesn't always mean blood. Several coworkers have taken turns helping out with the kids, bringing food by, and making sure the kids had a great Christmas. Erica is home but still feeling weak. If you'd like to help with meals for the kiddos, it would be greatly appreciated!

Special Notes

Erica and Sunshine love just about anything but Ocean is a tad picky (as most 7 yr old boys are).

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