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Jacqui Shares a Spare

Middletown, DE


Scrolling through our neighborhood Facebook group, Jacqui came across a post from a neighbor who was sharing a call to action for a close friend. The search was on for a living kidney donor, and you guessed it - Jacqui wanted to help. This was the beginning of a tedious process determining if Jacqui's kidney could be a match. After 5 months of meetings, blood tests, scans, wearable monitors, emails/phone calls, hopes up and down, time off for doctors appointments, and a last-minute favor of a surgeon - the call came: she was a match! Now, it's transplant time and surgery is just around the corner. Both the recipient and donor, Jacqui, will undergo major surgeries, and head home after only a couple of days spent in the hospital. The recovery process is a long one, and this is where YOU can help. Let's work together to help make this adjustment period as comfortable as possible for Jacqui's family. Jacqui gave her left kidney - let's pay it forward by spreading the word, and signing up for a thing or two!

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