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Post Surgery Help For Ashley and Family

West Warwick, RI


If you know me even a little I am not one to ask for help when needed. This is very hard for me to do and accept. Last week I had to go back into surgery for my back and this recovery is alot worse then I expected. This time they ended up doing a fusion and putting a cage between L3 and L4 and It's making day to day tasks extremely hard to do. I am using a walker and cane to get around and even with those it is a struggle to walk and stand for a few minutes. The first few weeks are going to be the hardest and I am in need of help with some dinners for me and the family. I am unable to cook any real food. If anyone is able to help us out with a meal or anything it would be greatly appreciated until I am able to have my strength back.

Special Notes

Not looking for anything fancy just some meals or snacks or whatever to help us get through these next few weeks.

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