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Loving Jai's Liver back to Life

San Antonio, TX


Jai took a leap of faith in her walk with Jesus. She donated a portion of her liver to a deserving woman whom she had never met. She was led by God to make this selfless decision and she has done so, so humbly, to remain obedient. I as her wife and caregiver have to return to work. Jai will be recovering at home alone for the most part. Providing meals that she does not have to prepare for herself would be the most loving way of showing her support. We appriciate everyone of your kind words, prayers, and support through this life giving sacrifice. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Special Notes

Jai is on dietary restrictions due to her newly growing liver and removal of gallbladder. Please no fried, greasy high fat foods. Anything else is welcome and greatly appreciated.

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