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Supporting The Evans Family

Farmington Hills, MI


Hi everyone! This is Tracey, Leslie's sister. I had many people asking how they can help support Leslie and Kevin during this time and I decided to make this page. _____________________ Olivia's Story- Olivia has a twin sister named Lilian and a big brother named Grayson. Olivia was born with a large Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). This was discovered 9 days after she was born when her nurse noticed she was struggling to breathe while taking a bottle. A series of tests, including an echo, were performed and a hole in her heart was discovered, known as a VSD. Olivia's hole in her heart has continued to make breathing and feeding challenging, and therefore, weight gain minimal. She lives in a state of chronic heart failure and requires diuretic medicine to keep her body from retaining too much fluid. Despite best efforts to get Olivia to grow and gain weight, the time has come for her to have open heart surgery to repair the VSD and give her a chance at a normal life. Surgery is planned for Thursday, August 19th. _____________________ How You Can Help- Due to special dietary restrictions I thought it would be easiest to start a gift card train to help with meals and gas while Leslie and Kevin commute daily to the hospital. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Text/Call 419-360-2662 Thank you in advance for the love and support.

Special Notes

Olivia is exclusively fed breast milk and has a dairy and soy intolerance.