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Dallas, TX


Each year for the pass twenty-plus years, VALS PLACE OF HOPE has been preparing for the upcoming Holidays, all to fight hunger in our community. There are at least 40 million families experiencing hunger and homelessness. Eighty-nine percent of the families in the DFW area qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; however, often, it's not enough. Our Senior Citizens are left to decide between food, bills or medication. We hope to impact the community through our Thanksgiving and Christmas Outreach Programs, distributing families with Turkey Baskets for the Holidays and fulfilling several Christmas Wish List requests from our youth in the community. A small donation could feed a family and makes a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Vals Place Of Hope Inc also provides assistance to individuals and households affected by a disaster to enable them to address necessary expenses and serious needs, which cannot be met through other forms of disaster assistance. We provide assistance with temporary housing, food, toiletries and personal supplies. We could not do this without your help, and we are very thankful for your support. Let's Make A Difference Together!!!!

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