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Love & Support for Amy McKay

Columbus, OH


Love and support for The McKay family during Amy’s recovery will give them peace of mind and comfort. We are able to keep you informed next week and beyond on Amy’s journey through surgery and a six week recovery on this websites ‘Updates’ section. Sarah will be with me and will send all the good news☺️. On 7/20/22, I will have a 5 hour craniotomy to remove a benign, 5cm meningioma from the skull at the Cleveland Clinic. If you would like to help the McKay family, there are different options below primarily focusing on food. Thank You my people..I’m feeling the love🤍

Special Notes

Meal trains are not just for homemade meals. You can pick a day to help and send a meal delivery gift card directly from the Care Calendar. The ‘Boys’ can order what their big hearts desire. No allergies in the McKay house.

Care Calendar