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Help Kendra Heal

Petoskey, MI


As you may know, a beloved family member Kendra Schiller Worthington, is having a second surgery on her foot today, 1/22/24. She had an injury that was not healing and went into the ER last week where they found out she is diabetic which explains why she wasn’t healing quickly. The doctors are going to put in a PICC line to keep delivering antibiotics for the next 6-7 weeks after she is released from the hospital. Kendra is going to need to focus on resting and healing. Diabetic injury needs time to heal and it is crucial for her to be able to do that. Antibiotics are also going to probably make her feel sick and wiped out. This is going to be tough for her and her family. We are asking if people can help with meals, some housework, and possibly help with rides for the kids if needed over the next couple of months while she heals. Anything like that would help. She does so much for others and is always willing to lend a hand. Now that she finds herself in a time of need would anyone be willing to help? Thank you and please keep her in your prayers, well wishes, and good vibrations.

Special Notes

Please be aware when sharing food that Kendra is diabetic but the rest of the family has no restrictions.

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