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Support Peter The Warrior’s Journey

Loxahatchee, FL


Day 14: So today was probably the scariest moment of our lives. The world stopped for what I thought was hours. Peter seemed to be improving on Sunday & Monday. The images of his left lung were looking a little better each day. The team here decided on Monday morning to start weaning from the morphine & sedation meds. And yesterday (Tuesday) they extubated him and put him right into Bipap. He seemed to be handling it great. Still not happy about being hooked up to all machines but I think relieved to not have the tube down his throat anymore. So they continued on the plan of a slow wean off all the meds, continue RT & hopefully onto a full recovery. Well this mornings X-ray showed the left lung collapsed again. 😔 So he was being monitored very closely. They started adding some additional treatments, they did have to go up on the meds again. We were just praying that he would stay stable and continue to get better. And then in the matter of seconds... Peter stopped breathing... out of nowhere. Julian was standing next to his bed, talking to him and then all of a sudden he stopped. Doctors & nurses came running in and all I was able to do at that point was cry out in prayer for Jesus to be with our little guy. Julian and I were so scared. Thank God for the amazing team of doctors and nurses here! They helped our little boy back within seconds of getting in the room and had him reintubated and stable! 🙏🏻 Thank you Lord! Please continue to keep Peter in your prayers. That this little setback doesn’t phase him. And he can continue to go up from here. I’m very sad that he has to have the ventilator in again... he really hates it. But they are keeping him sedated so they can just keep him comfortable and focus on his lungs. Thank you again for all your kind messages, texts, calls & meals. This has been very hard on our family but we are and will get though it. And Peter will come out the little warrior that he is!! Love you all!! ♥️😘🙏🏻

Special Notes

This family needs our support as much as possible.  Whatever you are able to do regarding meals, groceries or gift cards to help the family get by is greatly appreciated.

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