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Making a difference for Tina, one knee at a time

Canfield, OH


Friends, Tina had a knee replacement on Jul 19th and was release to in patient rehab, Jul 22nd. She is expected to be in rehab through Wed Jul 28th. We are setting up this site to help Tina with meals, at home, during her recovery! She lives alone and has 3 pets (a dog Coco, two cats, CJ and Baby). As a knee replacement isn’t easy and definitely a tough recovery, let’s help her with meals to make this process easier! Tina is the first one to sponsor her friends, their kids or family! She goes to everyone’s event, she donates time and money and would do anything for her friends/family and or community! It’s our turn to give back to her!! This site allows you to schedule meals, order meals, grab girt cards, send gifts, ask to visit and more! Pretty awesome, esp as it free!! Let’s make her recovery, her transition home, and getting our girl back as seamless as possible!! Please help in any way you can!!! She is open to home cooked meals, ordered meals, picked up/ hand delivered meals, treats, gift cards, etc! Tina loves most everything (I’ll provide more detail later), except she is most def not vegan (yep I was told to call that out lol). She would appreciate anything we can do to help her and aide in her recovery! So get your homemade thinking caps on and let’s get this started!! And don’t worry, if you aren’t local, you can order for her and have delivered, or send a gift card, or if like me, have family near, maybe send them over lol. We have a ton of options and ALL are appreciated!! Thank you in advance! Feel free to ask questions here or text me 9176289839 Love her friend Stacy

Special Notes

Gift cards- Amazon (covers everything & she has Prime so easy option!!) Restaurants in area (door dash) 44406 zip code Her favorite food Likes: Mexican Italian Panera - favorite mac n cheese/ tomato bisque, grilled cheese Cracker Barrel - favorite chicken & dumplings Subs-  favorite ham, salami, lettuce, provolone, oil and vinegar Salads Fish Chinese Paninis She LOVES meatballs She likes everything just not liver, mushrooms, or onion. Lol

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