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Meal Train for Tony

Durango, CO


Hello! Many folks have reached out asking about how to support me as I recover from surgery, and I think the most helpful will be taking care of some basic needs (such as food!) and good company. I expect to be on crutches for about 4 weeks, so I really appreciate any support during that time. If you want to support me with food, please feel free to drop something off, order delivery, or cook here! I hope you can stay for the meal, but understand that's not always possible. You can also call/text to hang out, talk, or check in anytime! While the calendar is set up for meals, I would also love to catch up, play games, or watch a movie! Please, don't feel any obligation here at all. I am deeply appreciative of those who have reached out and just wanted to create a tool to help facilitate some of this.

Special Notes

Dietary restrictions: vegetarian, no mayo. Otherwise should be good!

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