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Helping Sage Recover

Columbus, OH


March 28th - surgery. General anesthesia. For real this is the last surgery for a long time. I wish they had found this out before, but I have a teratoma, like 5 cm growing, and other removals of things (text me if you want) inside me planned. It helps explain my pain growing over the last few years. Folks expressed wanting to help. Erik has a required Neurology Vet Work Conference to graduate his residency, RIP like four days after the surgery. Kira is flying in to help with medication management etc. So there will be two people usually at all times for meals. I will not be able to see tons of people outside of my house but text me, and we can arrange visits. Notes from doctor include: "Walking is broken up into 2 to 3 minutes at a time. You may be walking slowly, but it is important to move your body after surgery to rebuild your strength and stamina." If this website does not work:

Special Notes

If you want to send a card, visit me via Zoom, attend a Zoom meeting, come by the house after some time, texts, memes, anything, that would help a ton too. :) thanks all

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