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Helping Lisa Logan Recover

Mesquite, TX


Lisa and Charles Logan have been faithful members and servant leaders of Cornerstone Baptist Church for many, many years. On Tuesday, July 6th, Lisa had a total shoulder replacement . The doctors have told her not to use the shoulder at all for two months. Then for the two months after this, only limited use. Lisa would love some company during the day or just a call to check in on her. She and Charles will need some meals and meal gift cards to get them through this rough spell. If you would like to contribute, please consider signing up to take a home cooked meal or contribute a gift card from online or one of your own. Thank you in advance for your kindness and contributions. GOD is good; All the time!

Special Notes

Lisa loves chicken salad - fruity and nutty! She would love to have some salads for lunch. The only things she does not care for are: blackberries, kiwi, califlower and brussle sprouts. Charles is a bit more picky (as you would have suspected - lol)! He does not like onions, garlic or spicy foods. He likes chicken, pork chops, roast, all potatoes, mac and cheese, French and Italian green beans, corn of any kind, peas with a little sugar, black-eyed peas and pinto beans with cornbread. He also loves cream or icebox pies.

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