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Meal Train & Extended Support for Frue & Rachel

jacksonville beach, FL


After 48 days of hospital stays, due to multiple strokes caused by a blood clot in his vertebral artery on the back of his neck, Frue and Rachel are finally back home! Hallelujah! However, the real work is just beginning: they have started outpatient therapy with the Nuero Recovery Center at Brooks and Frue is continuing to improve with each visit. As wonderful as it is for the family to finally be back together and in their home, the workload has increased. This page has been created as an additional way for friends, family, and supporters to lend help in the everyday areas, to lighten the load so Rachel and Frue can rest, recover and continue to heal.

Special Notes

How can you help? Gift cards or subscriptions to Instacart or Shipt for grocery delivery. Gift cards for home cleaning services. Gift cards for laundry services. Gift cards or subscriptions for meal delivery services. Gift cards for Uber or Lyft to get to and/or from appointments. Able to help with transportation? Or plan to be in the neighborhood/passing by University Blvd for one way drop off or pickups to/from Brooks. As specific needs arise, they will be added to the calendar. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read, share, and contribute where able.

Care Calendar