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Food for the Berkman Family

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA


Hi Stoneybrook P3 Families, The Berkman family needs our help! Sweet Raegan from MWF has come on some hard times. Let's please pray and help provide this sweet family with some food. From Katie: "Unfortunately, Rae was admitted to the hospital Thursday last week. It looks like we will be here until at least the 15th (her birthday 🥺) She fell on Thanksgiving and we think ruptured her ear drum. The fluid from the ruptured ear drum caused an infection and she’s been on and off battling this ear infection since Thanksgiving ! 😔 We tried it all, 4 rounds of antibiotics and 3 antibiotics shots—she’s been through it. We found out she has a rare bacteria and is in the beginning stages of spreading to her ear bone. They did surgery to replace her ear tube and clear her ear out and now is on IV antibiotics for the next 10 days! We’re praying all this does the trick 🙏🏼 She has been so brave and a true warrior through it all! But with 10 days in the hospital, we are trying to get creative to keep her spirits up! She has been saying she is missing her friends at school."

Special Notes

Family Allergies: - Tree Nuts - Seafood

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