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Breast Cancer Survivor Battling Covid

Firestone, CO


2020 has been a rough year for all of us! But Kirsten has had an especially tragic year. Starting last August she was hospitalized with a large gallstone that was blocking a duct. After the operation she was finding it increasingly hard to breathe and discovered that they had damaged her throat during intubation which was causing scar tissue to grow. This means a surgery that will have to be repeated throughout her life to cut away the scar tissue and allow airflow. They also found calcification on her thyroid, enlarged lymph glands and ultimately discovered breast cancer! The implications of Cancer was terrifying and devastating to all of us but she survived the breast surgery. One of her sutures were not healing properly and caused an infection that led to lymphedema. She tires easily and lays in bed in pain wearing her compression sleeves. When she was able to start Radiation she happened to be one of the patients that had a bad reaction from it but bravely was finally able to complete it …Only to find she needed another surgery to remove more cancer marker cells in her abdomen. Along with the mounting hospital bills and other financial setbacks like kids in college, her dryer catching fire, freezer dying , car breaking down beyond repair and pipes freezing, bursting & causing flooding throughout the downstairs…She’s unable to work and on top of it all her husband got laid off due to Covid cutbacks. She has handled all of this with grace and gratitude, always reaching out to help others with the little energy she has, but now she is alone in the hospital with the new Delta variant of Covid 19 struggling for her life. Her husband and daughter are home also suffering from Covid. We would like to provide meals to help the family during this hard time. There is also a gofundme if you would like to make a monetary donation.

Special Notes

The Savage Family is allergic to gluten, so please make sure all meals are Gluten-Free!

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