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Mansfield, TX


“What’s going on with Lucy post.” Some have seen the Facebook posts but unfortunately Lucy is in the hospital again this time with a 104 fever and really alarming oxygen levels. What started all this was in late July she started having some breathing issues and being asthmatic she assumed it was the Sierra Dust that blew in causing asthma flair ups. By Wednesday she was using albuterol nebulizer at night because if she laid down she couldn’t breathe. Still thinking it’s asthma related she went to work but noticed she was using her inhaler more frequently. Called for a dr appt and got it scheduled for that next Friday. Toward the end of the day Thursday she was struggling and Chris called CareNow to get her in. They checked her for asthma, but thought I had pneumonia. They treated her for asthma, but said if if she was not better in a couple of days to come back. Told them she had a dr appt with her primary and was told to keep it. On to primary dr. Friday and he confirms the pneumonia but said there is something else there…high blood pressure, low O2 he thought maybe a clot in the lungs. He sends her to the ER. ER runs tests, again confirms pneumonia but no clot. They give moxifloxacin (antibiotic) only to find out she was allergic. They quickly got rid of that stuff and chased it with Benedryl. She was admitted to the hospital until Sunday. Monday at home went well, Tuesday evening she started running fever, and Wednesday came with low O2 (85). Started the nebulizer, got the antibiotic down, threw up, got nebs down. Then through out the day anytime she moved she couldn’t breathe. As the evening went on she was needing a nebulizer treatment more frequently. After her last nebulizer treatment around 9 pm she still couldn’t breathe so Chris took her to the ER again. They have continued to be sent home follow up with tests and CT scans to try to understand what is going on.. they are still not any closer. She has been home since August 5th. Since then have had a follow up with the specialist and her primary care doctor. Just observing her progress and taking a tray full of pills every day. If not significantly better by Sep 1 then plan is to do the bronchoscope they’ve mentioned to try to determine what is in her lungs. She was put on home oxygen yesterday and she is feeling miserable and has been for a couple of days. Then last night she spiked a 104 fever and O2 dropped to 80. We will update on here as necessary but Facebook is being used as well. Now we would just stand in the gap by taking care of vital needs for the household while Chris and Lucy navigate the hospital. Holding out hope that she will turn the corner for the better on oxygen. Prayers for my our wonderful friend the Warren’s Oh Lord please be our refuge.

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No special dietary needs so all food welcome.

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