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.. it's broken. My ankle not me!

Seattle, WA


Hello! Thanks for all your love and support! I broke my right ankle in a ski accident on Tuesday, February 27th.. was I in denial about it being broken.. I sure was! I attempted to ski down after my fall. Long story short the urgent care confirmed I broke my distal tibia and fibula. Being non weight bearing while waiting my surgery on March 12th has been quite boring and challenging with having an 8 month old puppy. After the consultation with the ankle/foot specialist, I found out my timeline for being non-weight bearing which is until around the end of April. So here I am trying to make the best of this and asking for helping walking Willa. I am so grateful for any time you can give. THANK YOU!

Special Notes

I will provide treats and instructions for walking Willa. She walks fairly well on her leash. She does get excited when seeing other dogs, leaves, garbage.

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