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Support Glenbrook Hospital NorthShore University Health System 5 South Staff

Glenview, IL


Send a special thank you to the nurses, PCTs, and all other support staff on 5 South at Glenbrook Hospital while they work on the frontlines during this pandemic. Please consider sending a meal to feed the staff during these difficult times. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity. 

Special Notes

STEPS on how to order: Select date/time of your choice by clicking "claim" to commit to sponsoring a lunch, dinner or coffee/snack time slots. IF YOU WANT TO CLAIM A SPOT AND ORDER FROM A RESTAURANT OF YOUR CHOICE JUST Add it to notes. There's about 10-15 people that shift. You pick any local restaurant (near Glenbrook) of your choice to place your order and utilize either their delivery service or Grub Hub/Uber Eats/Door Dash. NO PERSONAL DELIVERIES. NO GIFT CARDS. In your claimed spot please specify where the delivery will be from and a brief description of what is ordered - this is very helpful for the hospital so they know what to expect. Work with the restaurant and delivery person to provide them with specific instructions on where to deliver and the number to call ahead of the delivery-- ***see special notes below**** Deliveries have to be made at specific times as listed below. Please note when calling to place your order please mention that you are donating your meal as we have found many restaurants are providing some type of discount for your good deed. Also, please keep your receipts and check with your accountants/tax preparers to find out if you can utilize this as a tax deductible donation. ***DUE TO DELIVERIES NOT BEING ABLE TO GO INSIDE, please have deliveries park right out front of Glenbrook Hospital, John and Carol Walter Ambulatory Care Center, 2180 Pfingsten Road, Glenview, 60026 and let them know their Give In Kind delivery has arrived! No need for the delivery person to call anyone when they arrive. The delivery person should specify what department the food is going to. (5 South) They will have someone take it to the unit from there.

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