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Support for Jolenes Family

Kansas city, MO


Hi, my name is Abbie. We’ve wanted to start a fundraising page for one of the most giving people on the earth. Jolenes family has been struck with one of the biggest nightmares a family could face. She is not wanting to share the exact details just yet but will in her own time as they begin to process and heal. Being a single mother and business owner, the unbelievable amount of pressure she’s enduring is indescribable. Therefore, some of her closest friends and family want to help ease that burden. Your donation can help with everyday tasks, family meals or even bills that unfortunately will keep coming and become greater. If a cash donation isn’t an option, we are wanting to help provide family meals. Especially dinners. The give in kind profile is to schedule which meals you would like to sponsor. Thank you for helping take care of a beautiful person who always takes care of others.

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