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Supporting DK Garner During Surgery

Edisto Island, SC


Duane and Julia Garner’s son DK has to have a major surgery done. Just last week he complained about back pain. His mom took him to the doctor for a check to see what was going on. It became a hospitalized stayed for 3 days while they ran test and did MRI’s. DK was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation with Syrinx. In short this means that the lower part of his skull is too small for fluid to run through. He will now undergo a 5 hour surgery on May 26 to repair this. He will be in ICU for up to 2 days and 5 days within the hospital total. One parent will have to stay with DK the entire time after surgery and healing while the other parent will have to stay home to take care of the additional 3 kids that they have at home. Neither parent will be able to work during the hospital stay and possibly after he returns home (for a period of time) depending on recovery. Everything will depend on how his body handles the surgery. While he is in the hospital the parents will have travel back and forth to switch off and relieve each other. This entails a hour trip each direction. Due to Covid only one parent may possibly be able to be in the room with him at a time. Any meals that you may assist with and donations towards gas, bills and food for the parent staying in the hospital with greatly be of help.

Special Notes

Please call or text before visiting the family. Also there are drop boxes at the end of their drive way and mine at 7969 Steamboat Landing Road that the food deliveries can be placed into for delivery. You may text 843-603-0180 before delivery to confirm drop off. PayPal is saved here for donation but money can also be through Venmo @sweetpea4069.  

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