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Lynch Family Meal Train

New Braunfels, TX


Hey everyone! Kayla is having surgery and we are here to help make life a little easier on her and her family! Please sign up to bring a meal starting this Thursday Feb 29th for dinner through the following Thursday Mar 7th!

Special Notes

The Lynch’s are a family of 3 (Kayla, Michael, and sweet Charlie). Below are a few notes to consider when purchasing a meal for the Lynch’s 👇🏼 PICK A TIME * Select a lunch or dinner time on the care calendar between Thursday night, February 29th and March 7th to bring a meal. * if you would like to pick multiple times, you can absolutely do that! TAKE THEIR ORDER *Please text Michael your name and (NOT KAYLA) ask what they would like to eat. Please be sure to mention where you will be ordering their food from so he can look at the menu online. One way you can help them is by texting them the menu as well. Michael’s cell is: (830) 515-9144. *Here is a list of a few places you could order from. -Chipotle -Panera Bread -Subway -Freebirds -Chicken Salad Chick -Chick-Fil-A * If you choose to cook a meal to bring them, please know that due to the surgery Kayla is not supposed to have fatty or greasy foods. DROP OFF MEAL * When you drop off the meal, please text Micheal to let him know that you are on your way, and he will be there to receive the meal. * If for some reason, Micheal is not available at that moment to answer the door, you can leave the meal in the cooler on the front porch.

Care Calendar