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Operation Keep Jesse Happy!

Monterey, CA


Hi all :), You may know that Dad has a housemate Peggy who helps him with dinner in the evening, dishes, setting out his medications, etc. She'll be away for 2 weeks (2/20-3/5). I'm setting this up so people can chip in if they wish! Go over for a dinner, or take him out for coffee, etc. I'll be around, a lady named Betsy is coming several of the nights and our old caregiver Hannah will be in town from the 30th on and plans to visit with him and stay overnights from 2/30 until Peggy returns. Thanks in advance for sharing the love with Dad/Jesse! -Rachael

Special Notes

He usually eats dinner around 5:30/6pm. Food wise, he loves steak, roast chicken, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables (brussels, brocolli, zucchini, etc), soups with toast and butter, treats (chocolates..I brought him baklava a couple days ago and that was a hit). Activity wise, going for a walk with him during the day would be awesome! He has a better time and feels more comfortable with company. He has been into watching the Bosch series in the evenings, but going over to watch any type of program in the evening &/or going out to a movie would be great! & I'm sure he'd love to treat. ;)

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