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Friends Around the World for Pamela Stockwell

Manalapan, NJ


Please join us as we send love and support to our good friend, Pamela Stockwell. She will be giving one of her kidneys on March 29, 2022, to Kelly Hartog another wonderful friend. Both of these women have been such an inspiration, we admire them both for their strength and courage. (**Please Note: We have also created a page for Kelly and it is listed under a similar name --- Friends Around the World for Kelly Hartog and can be found here: In a show of support, we have organized this campaign here on the Give-In-Kind website to make it simple to send a gift to Pamela electronically if you wish, post a message of encouragement for her and check for updates when they are available from her family and friends. You have many options of “giving in a show of support” here including, meal deliveries, grocery gift cards, entertainment gift cards, etc. A calendar can be found below. You can reserve a spot and purchase a gift card for meals, groceries, and/or gifts. Or you can simply purchase a gift using the “Wishlist” located to the right. Pamela will be recuperating and off work for several weeks after her surgery. The link below is to Pamela Stockwell’s blog post about her journey to being a kidney donor for Kelly Hartog! (You must read this!! It is a wonderful view of Pamela and Kelly's journey!) Please be sure and view the “Wishlist” to the right. You can find fun things to purchase and send electronically for places such as Barnes and Noble, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Google Play, Audible, gift baskets, Petco (in case you would like to send some love to her kitty as well!!), etc. (why not add some fun options for Pamela during her recovery time! What author wouldn't want to read or catch up on the latest show!) We encourage you to "share" this page on your social media pages, blogs, and with family and friends who enjoy "paying it forward" and/or doing "random acts of kindness".

Special Notes

Local Grocery Stores are: Wegmans, Costco, Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joes, Target, and Shoprite. Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash food deliveries are available in the town Pamela lives in. The above are just a few other ideas for places where gift cards are available if you prefer to purchase a gift card and drop it in the mail instead of electronically sending them via this website! (Note - some of the above places I mentioned are not options at all for purchase here through Give-In-Kind, so I could not add them to the "Wishlist".) Some other simple ways of showing support: You may also like tp purchase Pamela's novel, "A Boundless Place" which can be found here: Have you already read "A Boundless Place" - Please leave her a review on her Goodreads page (link below) or anywhere else an option is available to leave a review!

Care Calendar