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Meal train for Rice Family 🥰

Yamhill, OR


Friends and Family.. Our dear Ashley was admitted into the hospital this past week for a few days, she was admitted due to become very ill all of a sudden..her white blood cell count was highly elevated and her kidney function was very low. ( Stage 4 kidney failure) they were finally able to get our guiding light stable and she was starting to feel a little better. She was sent home and is now battling a severe case of gout and is unable to walk because of the amount of pain she is in. Mathew works late hours and our dear friend is trying to help to not overwhelm him. That's were we come in.. let's come together and help Ashley and Mathew through this difficult time. Thank you all! 🤗

Special Notes

Too much info... I just copied from Ashley's Facebook post) 😊 Fresh ANYTHING such as any type of fresh fruits and veggies.... I'll be honest- things that are easier to set by me and nibble on are best for when Matthew is away! Any citrus fruit (I love those tangerines, blood oranges, regular oranges) 🥭 Mangos Any type of berry I can just sit and eat ♥️ I LOVE bananas 🥹❤️ both Matthew and I do! Melon 🍈🍈 I really love honey dew the best or red watermelon 🍉 ♥️🥹 Veggies- Carrots!!! I could snack on those all the time ❤️♥️ Cucumbers Celery I LOVE with peanut butter and ants 🐜 Those salad bag mixes..... I love those for so many reasons....I can eat them for a meal and it's just a matter of putting it in a bowl and I'm done ❤️🥹🫂🙏 Snacks- 🌟🌟🌟🌟 With my kidney failure I don't like to eat a lot of processed foods (hence the fruit and veggies) but I do have some favorite ones ❤️ Yogurt! Greek yogurt is my favorite, I like vanilla, honey, peach, ect and I just love to add granola and fruit to them 😋 Hummus 🤤🤤🤤🤤 (I don't use chips, but veggies) I LOVE dried fruit chips! Trail mix, but the salt isn't ideal, so I have to be mindful of that. I usually like to make my own.... Walnuts, granola, cranberries, almonds, and a small amount of chocolate... But it's trail mix. Anything is good 😂❤️ I like coconut bites, with some chocolate and stuff mixed up .. Grocery outlet has some really great snacks there, and I'm open to any thing to try 🥹🫂♥️ Bigger meals 🍝🍲🥦🍴🍽️ We try to steer clear of pork and red meat, and we mainly eat chicken, or fish. But don't get me wrong, we will gladly take any meat and make meals with it. It actually would be nice to have some ground beef to make some bulk meals, like spaghetti, tacos, casseroles, ect. Just so Matthew only has to re heat leftovers. We actually do a lot of wraps for our dinner (and Matthews lunches... He's always on the road for work and eating out gets expensive... So he likes wraps to just take with him) We like to cook chicken at the beginning of the week and make wraps, chicken and rice, Chicken stir fry, you name it. Also. I LOVE sweet potatoes. They are super gout friendly, easy to make and I could seriously have them for each meal ❤️🥹 I have always been the cook in our relationship, due to Matthew often works long hours, is physically exhausted at the end of the day, and it's pretty taxing for him to cook a very complex meal 🥹❤️ Cooking and cleaning is being done, but it's hard. We ideally want a meal(s) we can prepare at the beginning of the week, then we can just eat off of it for the rest of the week ❤️ That brings up another thing- 🥹🫂 We are so far behind on doing our dishes, we plan on getting them caught up this week... But they we will need to just surrender and use paper plates, and silverware (it makes me cringe... We don't even use paper towels in this house... 🥹❤️) But realistically we need to stop worrying about doing so many dishes, because we cook 99 percent of all our meals at home, it piles up pretty quickly 🥹 For my sweet Matthew. ❤️🫂❤️ I'm concerned that he's going to burn himself out quickly, but will never say it. 🥹 If anyone is wanting to get him something, his favorite thing is to unwind with his book and his snacks into the evening. This is what he loves 🥹❤️🫂 CHOCOLATE 😂😂♥️♥️♥️ any kind, and in any form ❤️🫂 Cookies. His favorite is chocolate chip. Nothing fancy ♥️🫂 He loves nutter butters, little Debbie cookies, chocolate doughnuts, white cheeze its...(those are his all time favorite 😂😂🥹🥹🙏🙏) Triscuits and wheat thins. Reese's cups Pizza rolls- the pepperoni kind only Taquitos - chicken kind in the blue box He loves bratwurst, sausages, anything he can quickly fry up. Frozen burritos.

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