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Caring for Kathy and David

Albuquerque, NM


We would really appreciate some support for caring for our beloved David and Kathy. Kathy was recently hospitalized after a fall, and is regaining her ability to sit and walk. She will likely require skilled nursing in a care facility after she is discharged from the hospital. In this time, David is living in the house alone. We could really use some support from time to time helping David visit Kathy by driving him to her care facility and back home, checking on David at home and making sure he is well, preparing some meals for David, and keeping him some company while he is separated from his wife of nearly 72 years. The family is doing as much as we can but could use a little extra support. David and Kathy have been incredible friends and members of our community, and now on behalf of the whole family we greatly appreciate your care.

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