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Supporting Michael's Healing Journey

Glendale, CA


On Monday July 26th Michael was at work and was struck by a vehicle going 50 mph. Miraculously his injuries were minor compared to what they could've been, but he did suffer a severe compound fracture in his right leg. He had emergency surgery that Monday night, and had his second (and hopefully final) surgery on July 31st. He has a long road ahead of him but he is strong and in good spirits about it. Workers Comp is amazing and is covering the entire hospital stay and will be working with him to get him a PCP for all post hospital needs. We are planning as best we can but we just don't know any unexpected costs that are going to arise right now. Nothing is expected, anything is incredibly appreciated, and we will keep you updated on his healing journey. I will be coordinating a visitors schedule for him to make sure people get in to see him and give him love, and if you aren't able to see him in person you can send him a meal, flowers, messages, or whatever you'd like and I'll make sure he gets it! Also, I'm not the best cook and he's suffered enough so we really appreciate anything you provide! Thank you, and give your loved ones a big hug. My deepest thanks, Michelle Cullen (Michael's Partner)

Special Notes

Visitors welcome! text or call Michael! :)

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