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Bless A Meal: Would you be willing to help me help my mom, Karen?

LaCrosse, IN


Some of you may know Karen from the Bistro Vault or the Lacrosse Gas Station. She has come down with Covid, and my son is staying at her house for "vacation.'" To say, "I feel helpless" is an understatement. My mom is always there and showing up for others. Countless times, she has helped me, my sisters and others when we were in need of medical attention or help in general. She just flew to California a couple of months ago to help me after surgery. She truly does have a good heart and will help anyone. Since I am so far away, I thought I'd ask for help with helping her. She is the caregiver in her domain, so without her they could use a helping hand. If you know her, you'd know, she will push and exert herself to care for her household when she needs to rest and recuperate. I had a dear soul pick up vitamins, electrolytes, and protein shakes, so she has the immune boosters she needs However, she could use a meal or two delivered. If you'd be willing to cook an extra batch and deliver to her door, you would be a blessing to them and a God send to me. You will not need to come in contact at any point. If you would like to help but aren't able to deliver, please let me know, and I will do my best to arrange a delivery for you. If you aren't able to make a meal, but you are willing to deliver someone else's dish, call or text me. Thanks in advance for your help!

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