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Kicking Kelly's COVID

Tacoma, WA


If you know Kelly, you know that she's been powering through COVID with a ridiculously positive attitude for 37 days now. We all know that stress inhibits healing, and financial stress of reduced work and income are real. Kelly has been overwhelmed with gratitude by your generosity in bringing her food, sheltering her daughter, sending gifts, and sharing your empathy for this terrible, lonely, frustrating, experience. She has alluded to concerns over getting behind on bills. What she hasn't said is that this is a stressor that is increasing her stress levels, her blood pressure, and her sleep. As the days tick on, it is natural for worry about dislocation to creep in. Not to mention concern about paying for utilities, food, and other basics. While she isn't impoverished and, yes, there are others who are in worse financial conditions than her, she is definitely in health poverty right now. This is the time for us to circle her however we can until she is well again. Please donate money directly to Kelly to reduce financial stress. The goal of Kicking Kelly's COVID is $5,000 to cover a couple months of expenses. Send her the amount that feels right to you. PAYPAL: [email protected] VENMO: @kelly-mac14 CASHAPP: $KellyMac14 Kelly, thanks for allowing this page to be created for you.