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Support for Theresa post hip surgery

New Castle, PA


Our neighbor, Theresa, has a very busy year planned. Beginning on March 4th, she will have her first hip surgery and will then have both knees replaced over the Summer. Although she is really excited to address her medical issues, this will be an intense time for her and she could definitely use our help. I am most concerned about getting her some meals for the first week or two after surgery and assisting with caring for her dog, who is very large and strong. Getting around is going to be a very fragile thing for the first little while and Theresa doesn't have a lot of support. I'm hoping we can all take care of some meals and basic tasks for Theresa as she heals. Many hands makes light work as they say!

Special Notes

I'm not aware of any special dietary needs. I know Theresa's granddaughter, Shakira, is a vegetarian; however, she will not be home for much of the time as she will be out of town and works most of the week.

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