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Penpal Stl

Saint Louis, MO


Hello and thank you for checking out Penpal Stl! I am a social worker serving individuals in Saint Louis and Jefferson County, Missouri. Over the last year, I have found our local seniors weighing heavily on my heart. I am working with a few older and elderly individuals who are struggling with isolation, now more than ever, due to the pandemic. I was inspired by one of the older gentleman I've been working with for quite some time now. He is a caretaker for his wife who is profoundly hard of hearing. With a heart of gold and a lifetime of stories, memories, love, and laughter, he has truly been a joy in my life. Though, I can always tell at the end of our calls, he is hanging on to each moment...a shadow of loneliness hanging over his head. He has told me multiple times how nice it is to connect with someone, even by phone. Six months ago, he received a brief call from a neighbor and they chatted for about thirty minutes. He's been talking about how meaningful that call was for SIX months. Elderly individuals are not tech savvy and many do not have Facebook, Tik Tok, "Insta" or any of the other ways younger generations are able to stay connected to the people they love in a world where we are now supposed to stay far away from one another. The state is no longer reimbursing call sessions, thus they are no longer being allowed. This means some of our seniors will have a disruption in services due to lack of technical skills to navigate Zoom and/or not being able to access the facility for in-person appointments. I can't imagine how it must feel to have a lifetime full of experiences and connection, just to find yourself completely forgotten. Please join me in my campaign to reduce loneliness and isolation in, who should be, our most cherished members of society in one of the easiest, affordable ways possible-becoming a pen pal!

Special Notes

PenPal Stl is now set up with Amazon to help low income individuals access note pads, pens, and postage to help them be able to participate worry free.

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