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Love for Joshua

Cocoa, FL


Joshua Codding had a motorcycle crash in the early morning hours of Sunday March 21st, 2021. He is currently in the hospital in stable but serious condition. As God goes to work healing him completely and miraculously, we want to also get to work lifting up the Codding family. We’ve started this meal train to help provide comfort for them in their time of need. Please pick a day or as many as you’d like.  

Special Notes

Josh likes simple high protein foods (pork chops, steak, chicken, veggies, and potatoes) and he loves soups. But nothing too rich or creamy (he like the zuppa toscana from OG type soups) Some family go-to’s are bbq from sonnys, Tijuana flats, pretty much any casserole (especially lasagna, or spaghetti pie) There’s not much they don’t eat.. they don’t really do sweets very often and nobody has any allergies. Rob tries to stay away from breads and carbs but that’s about it.

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