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Love for Libby Garrett and Family

Cumming, GA


Libby has had such a tough summer health wise dealing with the gastrointestinal infection and hospitalized for a week, then complications all the way thru June & July. Then she found out her everyday nausea was from stomach ulcers, caused from the 11hrs of vomiting from the complications. They finally got that under control, and then Covid hit the beginning of August. She is being so careful staying home and not going anywhere except dr appts and ER. She said that her body & spirit are just so weak. Sept 9 she posted this update on her FB page: I haven’t had much improvement the past two weeks, and the last 5-6 days have been tougher. Severe fatigue along with shortness of breath, and tightness in my chest going thru to my back has kept me bed ridden. I went to the doctor twice this week because of struggling so bad. My primary doctor was able to read my chest CT, and found more complications. Partial collapsed lung in both lobes. Also, some calcified nodes throughout the lungs. Because my lungs were previously damaged from the blood clots, and having Obstructive Lung Disease, Covid has continued to attack me very hard. I am back on my daily inhalers that were stopped with the start of Budesonide thru the nebulizer. The doctors are hoping since one has a high steroid, it will start opening my air sacs in my lungs better. They also wanted me to be more aggressive using my Spirometer for 10 minutes every hour while awake. Please continue to pray that the new treatment plan will help my lungs open up so I can breath better, and gain some energy back. We want to serve Libby and her family during this time and show them that we love and support them. Please help us bless them with meals so the family can focus on healing and recovering. We will be adding dates as we have more details of needs, so please check back often.

Special Notes

Dietary restrictions: Kyle is allergic to beef, and Bryson is allergic to tree nuts, not peanuts. They like a variety of food and are not picky. Dinner can be delivered anytime before 6 on school nights, and breakfast or lunch can be delivered any time, as they are flexible.

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