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Vangie Stark’s Family Meal Train

Madison, OH


My friend Vangie Stark is in UH Main in Cleveland since Tuesday, 9th of January. She was having difficulty in breathing and elevated blood pressure. She was then under observation due to an infected heart valve and accumulated liquid in her lungs. As of now, she’s scheduled to have the surgery on Wednesday. Please see updates (above), thank you! She is currently staying in Lerner Bldg #5062. We appreciate all help and prayers.

Special Notes

Mike and the (2) girls eat healthy food. They are not picky at all though. They provided a tote outside their front porch for drop off anytime in the evening. They like fruit cups and apple sauce. Mike prefers unsweetened apple sauce. Vangie likes unsalted nuts for herself, too. Questions and concerns: Anne (757)803-5578 Brijeth (440)361-0269

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