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About Brigitte Parvin

***Update***Thursday 01/30/2020 Brigitte is back home and recovering from her surgery! Surgery went well, it was a smooth process with the Surgeon. He was able to keep all of her kneecap and repair it with screws and wiring. Depending on how Brigitte’s body responds, there could be a second surgery to remove the wires once the bone is solidly healed. She will have a post-op appointment within the next two weeks, and we will find out more with timeframes for physical therapy. There is a long road ahead still, and we are so grateful to finally be on this step! We will continue to post updates on her progress as she has followup appointments, physical therapy appointments, and when she will be back to the shop!! We honestly cannot thank all of you enough!!! Thank you for holding the space for her (and us) during this time. We are so so so grateful for your financial contributions so we could get this surgery done for Brigitte. Thank you all for thoughts, prayers, meals, cards, flowers, goodies, texts, messages, calls, and check ins. We are feeling the love of from all of you, Thank you ❤️ With Love, Noelle (Brigitte and Doug’s Daughter) Ways to help right now: Meal Coverage and Donations If we can take prepping and cooking dinners off their plate, it would be wonderful! See details below for dietary requests. If you are local please sign up for a date to bring a meal to the shop: Brigitte's Serenity Studio 1513 Grass Valley Hwy. Auburn, Ca 95603 Drop off anytime in the window of 3pm-6pm *if you need a different time just message me texts are best right now (530)305-4431* If you are far away and want to contribute please consider digital gift cards for restaurants like: Chipotle, Mod Pizza, or Garden of Eatin' or use the Paypal link. (incase there is any link trouble the email is: [email protected]) Donations: I know there will be many unforeseen financial pressures that will arise as Brigitte does not have medical insurance and will be out of work for several months. They will be down to a very bare income, as Brigitte will not be able to collect unemployment/disability during her healing. If you are able to please donate, or come by and shop at the studio. They will be so grateful for the support. (incase there is any link trouble the email is: [email protected]) Thank you for taking the time to check this out, and thank you for your love and support to both Brigitte and Doug as they navigate this. In love and light, Noelle

Special Notes: 

Brigitte is a Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Please keep any sauces, stocks/broths, etc. a veggie base and gluten free. She loves veggie packed salads.