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Showin' Lish Some Love

Urbandale, IA


Hi everyone! A heartfelt thanks for your willingness and offers to help assist Alicia as she undergoes hip surgery on Friday, April 16th. I (Kristin, Alicia's daughter) am currently living with Alicia and will be serving as her primary caregiver/cook for the coming months. I'll be managing this page and am available for you to check in with at 515-480-5890 if you have any questions on what's listed here. Take a look here for opportunities to help out and select only what works for your time and schedule - whether a meal or a ride to physical therapy - we appreciate your help!

Special Notes

Lish has requested that we avoid flowers, heavy casseroles, and desserts. Kristin disagrees with the desserts part but is willing to comply. We also have lawn care, pet care, and house cleaning already scheduled, so no needs for those items.

Care Calendar