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Supporting Nicole

Valparaiso, IN


As most of you know I was in a horrible accident on May 20, 2021 . They totaled out my car and I ended up with some major injuries . I have 2 herniated discs in my back and neck , a separated shoulder and a torn ACL and meniscus . Aidan was with me and ended up with a mild concussion. Who would of thought taking him to practice would end up with all of this. So in July 21 , 2021 I will be having surgery to repair my knee. The doctor said I will be down for 6 weeks . Six weeks non weight baring . Todd has been taking so much time off of work to take me to appointments and everything. I am just seeing if anyone can help with dinner for us. I do all the cooking so this will be a big adjustment for everyone .

Special Notes

Everyone will pretty much eat anything. They like chicken , pork and red meat. Most all vegetables are fine except no peas. We like rosatis pizza, furin for sushi, china house , beggars pizza, Mexican food, Italian Any restaurant gift cards will work Todd is in the city and Tinley Park a lot .

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