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Jeanette's ACL Surgery

Minneapolis, MN


On April 18, merely a week after her birthday, Jeanette fell while performing outside at a brunch and was unable to put weight on her right knee. Knowing it was serious, she went to urgent care, waited a week and then saw orthopedics. Both of whom said they couldn't tell if anything was wrong. She insisted on an MRI, and was also sent to physical therapy and nearly 3 weeks after falling her injury was confirmed: full ACL tear and MCL sprain. Since that time she's had weekly PT appointments and was finally able to see a sports medicine surgeon at the end of May, who recommended surgery. She's made good progress so far with her brace, but ligament injuries can only be fixed through surgery and if she ever wanted to dance again, surgery would be required. Her ACL surgery has been scheduled for June 29. Assuming all goes well, she will come home after surgery and Justin, her boyfriend, will be taking care of her at home, working full time, taking care of Sasha (Jeanette's cat), and keeping up with the housework. Justin has been helping Jeanette tirelessly since she was injured in April - from taking her to the hospital to picking up her car, driving her to appointments, bringing her ice packs, medication, food, etc. To make life a little easier on him as a caregiver, we would love it if you could help the two of them out by providing a meal during Jeanette's surgery recovery.

Special Notes

Please no meals made with fish as Justin is allergic or too spicy as it will upset Jeanette's stomach.

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