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Supporting AnnaMarie's Recovery

Bastrop, TX


Hey everyone! Our beautiful friend, AnnaMarie, is getting a chance to do something for herself and could use our support in her recovery <3 Below is a calendar for the next 2 weeks. Please feel free to sign up to have meals or groceries delivered or to drop off yourself (if both AnnaMarie and yourself are comfortable to do so with the current cootie situation in the world) Homecooked food, HEB meal simple dishes, pizza delivery, whatever! It all helps! At this time, I'm unsure if AnnaMarie will need any help for post-op appointments or anything like that but if she does and you would like to volunteer to help out with that or even send an Uber / Lyft gift card, that would be awesome!

Special Notes

Prefers NO PICKLES AnnaMarie has 2 pre-teen daughters who may be going a little stir crazy while mama recovers (just in case you may want to send them a little something )

Care Calendar