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Love for Jen; a way to support while healing and recovery


Jen is a friend to many. To many of us she is a friend, a colleague, a mother, wife, daughter, sister and so much more. Jen will be undergoing surgery on February 21st at the Mayo. She’s expected to be in the hospital up to around 5 days and return home with Burton and her children. While it will take several weeks of recovery often times the first couple weeks is the hardest. I ask you to consider donating a meal for the family that is easily warmed up in the oven, a gift card to a local restaurant or even gift card to a local grocery store. Any and all of these things will be so appreciated by Jen and her family. Please sign up and text 218-256-7155 for drop off in Grand Rapids. I and a couple co workers will be delivering over the couple weeks.

Special Notes

Gift cards to super one grocery is preferred. There is a store in Deer River making it easy for the family.

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