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A “Match” Made in Heaven - Supporting Noel & Eric through kidney donation

Reading, PA


On November 3rd, 2020, just one day after his birthday, Eric Lauman found out some very difficult news that would change his life forever. Due to an allergic reaction to prescribed medication that had occurred in 2014, his kidneys, which were once just “damaged,” had gone into renal failure. He had to begin peritoneal dialysis and the search for a donor began. Through this process, he and his wife learned so much and pulled closer to God through it all. We have prayed daily for God to prepare the heart of whomever may be able to donate and that a match would be found quickly. It is a somber realization to find out how many people are awaiting their gift of life for what feels like countless years, and some who never receive that gift. After a lack of direct donors being found so far Eric’s wife, Noel, decided to secretly go though the donor testing process last month… and… SURPRISE!! She got the call that brought her heart the ultimate good news on June 18th. SHE IS A MATCH FOR ERIC NOT ONLY IN MARRIAGE AND LIFE… BUT ALSO AS A DIRECT KIDNEY DONOR!! How amazing that all along, the person whose heart God was preparing.. the person who could provide Eric with a “gift-ney” and continued life… was right by his side ❤️ Praise God! While this news is joyous and full of emotion, it also comes with new needs. Noel and Eric have two young boys, 3 and 6 years old. Since Noel will be the direct donor, both she and her husband will be recovering from a major surgery at the same time. It will take a village to help them and their boys through the recovery process. If you are able to help by providing a meal or can pick up groceries, etc, it would be extremely appreciated!! You can also help by praying daily for them! They are currently looking at July 6th as a potential surgery date and prayers leading up to and throughout that day are requested! In addition, prayers for a smooth and fast recovery post-surgery (as well as easy acceptance of the new kidney) would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for any form of help you may be able to offer!!

Special Notes

Healthier meal options are appreciated, but not required. They are very grateful and will eat whatever you send! =) Eric cannot eat a lot of corn or seeds due to his Crohn's. In addition, one son has a dairy allergy and cannot have food that contains any form of dairy (even small amounts). *However, labels that say "may contain" or shared stations/fryers at restaurants are OK* If you are able to provide a dairy free option (like a slice of pizza without cheese or a hamburger) or side occasionally, it would be very appreciated but isn't required! Other helpful info: They prefer food that isn't too spicy; Chick Fil A and Wendy's are their go-to for occasional fast food. The boys enjoy an occasional Wawa breakfast sandwich, and Noel loves fruit & coffee!

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