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Dan Petros Broken Heart.

Elk River, MN


Hey everyone, if you have been sent this website then you likely are aware Dan has been dealing with some medical issues. These issues began with minor discomfort followed by some dental appointments that raised enough red flags for him to go be seen in the E.R. After many tests and doctors visits it was concluded that Dan needs to have heart surgery to fix his Mitral Valve Prolapse. His surgery is either May 6th or May 10th. This is where you come in. Georgene, Dan, Landon and Cooper could all use us in ensuring they make it through this time as smoothly as possible. It takes a village to take care of one another and now is a time more than ever that we can wrap this family in love and strength and take some stress off of them where ever possible. Included on this website are ways you can sign up to provide them a meal, mow their lawn, get groceries and the link to the GoFundMe page their friend Ashely set up for Dan. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks everyone, Monica (Dan's sister)

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