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Love for The Stades

Hortonvile, WI


Dear Friends and Family, This holiday season, we invite you to join hands and hearts to support Katie and Ryan during a challenging time. After a year filled with joy, excitement, and the anticipation of welcoming twins in early Spring 2024, they faced an unexpected and heartbreaking turn of events. This past weekend, Katie went into labor at 5 months pregnant, delivering their sweet "Juniper Scout." Despite her delicate and courageous spirit, Juniper's lungs weren't developed enough for a sustained life outside the womb. Now, the focus shifts to the growth and well-being of "Baby B," with prayers for a healthy arrival in the months to come. In lieu of sending Christmas cards this year, Katie and Ryan could use our love, prayers, and support. While they navigate the emotional journey of grief, hope, and anticipation, we want to ensure they feel surrounded by the warmth of community. We invite you to contribute to their fundraiser to help cover medical expenses, support their journey through IVF, and provide comfort during this difficult time. Every contribution, prayer, and share make a meaningful difference. Let's come together and show Katie and Ryan that they're not alone on this journey. Your love and support mean the world to them during this challenging chapter. With gratitude and love, Angelica on behalf of Katie, Ryan and Baby B

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