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Help Jessica Russell recover after being hit by a car in Tonasket on HWY 97

Oroville, WA


On June 7, 2021 Jessica Russell was heading to work like so many other Monday mornings and upon crossing US HWY 97 at the hospital crossing in Tonasket on her way to Dr. Nau's office; she was struck by a car. Jessica has been a dental hygienist in Oroville and Tonasket for many years. She raised her 2 children; Sarah and Andrew here and spend 4 years in the Navy serving our country. She married Bill Nicholson in 2006 and together they remained very active serving our community and coaching. Being thrown a distance, Jessica was left unconscious and badly hurt, the ambulance took her to the hospital then to the landing for airlift to Harborview. Thank God she regained consciousness although she has a concussion she is in good spirits and on the road to recovery. She underwent multiple surgeries while at Harborview 1) knee and left tibia repair 2) total shoulder replacement to deal with a fractured and dislocated shoulder and 3) to deal with a fractured left hip, pelvis fractured in 2 places and a fractured sacrum. Jessica returned home on Saturday, June 19th. We are working towards help her and husband Bill Nicholson get some nutritious meals while hubby is playing nurse and Jessica is recovering. If you are able to pick an evening and make/ send a meal for 2 that would be such a blessing.

Special Notes

No allergies. Healthier eating habits; fruits, vegetables and such Eats meats, fish and snacks too...

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